Can’t attend the benefit? Attending but want to do more?

You can donate directly to the Kerr family through PayPal using a major credit card. All funds help the Kerrs during this difficult time. Some money will go toward specific medical expenses, while other funds will go toward day-to-day living costs, including gas for the frequent trips to the hospital, childcare for Maggie and clothing for Sean as his weight fluctuates.

Please note that this is not a government-approved nonprofit organization. Click the PayPal logo to make a donation.

Do you own a business?

We’re currently looking for donated items to be used for baskets of cheer and other giveaways at Sean’s beef-and-beer benefit. Anything from a bottle of wine to a gift certificate for services at your business would be greatly appreciated. For more information, contact us.

Important Tax Information About Donations

Any contributions made to Sean and the Kerr family are not tax-deductible since the organization does not qualify as provided by the Internal Revenue Code.

If your gift exceeds $13,000, there may be gift-tax implications. If you have questions about the tax deductibility of this gift, or if a gift tax may apply to your gift, please consult your personal tax advisor.


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